Entangled Ethnography 19/11/2019 Halfway to the Future (Conference Talk)
Supporting Real-Time Contextual Inquiry Through Sensor Data 11/11/2019 Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (Conference Talk)
Things that push back 25/10/2019 Lumen Artists on Art and Technology, IBM South Bank (Invited Talk)
Lichtsuchende 24/10/2019 Shortlisted for Lumen Prize, AI Section (Award)
Raw Green Rust 22/10/2019 Creative Informatics Lab, Old Tolbooth Market ()

Selected Recent Events

Raw Green Rust 28/09/2019 Beyond Symposium, Experimenta Heilbronn (Performance)
Experiential AI: Entanglements – Fair, Moral and Transparent AI 8/9/2019 Ars Electronica, Linz (Invited Talk) [ Doc 1 ]
Human Machine Inter-Agencies 9/6/2019 Ars Electronica, Linz (Invited Talk)
Human-Machine Interagencies 23/08/2019 IoT India Congress, Bangalore (Keynote)
Raw Green Rust vs Places of Comfort 8/10/2019 Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh (Performance)
Data Lates Launch 8/7/2019 Inspace (Talk)
Blockchain in Public Sector 17/06/2019 (Keynote)
Experiential AI: Inter-Agencies 19/05/2019 ZKM Karlsruhe (Invited Talk) [ Doc 1 ]

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