Programme director for the Design Informatics MA/MFA - a highly cross disciplinary masters programme that combines data science with design thinking in a context of critical enquiry and speculation. It asks how we can create products and services that learn and evolve, that are contextualised and humane, questioning what we should create, speculating about the different futures we might be building and the values behind them.

I currently teach on:

  • Data Science for Design: an introduction to data science and programming in Python with a strong emphasis on communication and working with live research data to answer real questions. Suitable for those with no previous programming experience and still challenging for those who can code. Co-taught with Benjamin Bach.
  • Design With Data: how do we translate data into experience? A combination of interaction design, service design and technical prototyping, centred around an external partner’s datasets.
  • Connected Things: an introduction to IoT for product designers, taking a critical look at how we design physical things that use flows of data as part of their functionality. Co-taught with Bettina Nissen.

I’ve previously taught on: