Latest Releases

(Solo album - kotamo and electronics, spacious and listenable)

(Raw Green Rust’s first release - abstract glitch dub)

(Duet with Firas Khnaisser - crunchy guitars and shimmering electronics)

Raw Green Rust

Raw Green Rust (formerly TR-I/O-FON) has been playing as an improvising laptop trio since 2008, serving up humorous abstract glitch-dub from promiscuous audio processing. We’ve played at Sonorities and been featured on Hear and Now (Radio 3). Our first album is out on Superpang:

Also, videos:

RGR-Beyond-280919 from pixelmechanic on Vimeo.

There’s also a talk at xCoAx about what we do and how we do it

Dave Murray-Rust & Firas Khnaisser

Our second album is self released - lots of crunchy guitar, mangled samples and clouds of distorted drums:

Our first album came out on the very lovely but sadly wrapped up TQN-aut label (check out their other releases). It’s all improvisation between us, done remotely in lockdown and then processed and edited down.


mo-seph is my solo project, mostly composed work but moving towards processed improvisation.

The Slow Descent

A journey through the hidden recesses of the mind - ambient techno explorations of bass and joy. The latest EP from mo-seph is stitched together from improvised playing into a seamless trajectory of noise and beats and glitches.

The Other Place

A collection of tracks from the last few years. Sparkling, wiggling, crunchy time signatures and dirty basses.

Growth and Form

A continuous piece of music, sliding from one imaginary landscape to another.

The breadth of styles and influences absorbed is spectacular… Download both, get ‘em on your mp3 player and set course for the middle of nowhere… real fucking wow music.” Liam Arnold, Team Little Rock / Shallow Rave on Growth and Form and The Other Place

Somos Nanas

Tense, unsettling electronics and vocals, edited together from a series of live performances and studio improvisations between me and Josie Davis in the summer of 2009.


Edimpro is an ongoing improvisers orchestra loosely based at the University of Edinburgh. We put out three albums while I was there, all on the Reid Label:


A collaboration with Harlequinade - ritual beats and physical performance

Mo-seph’s arrestingly tribal bass beat in AZIFAZIFAZIF is intriguingly meditative accompanied by performer Harlequinade’s animalistic chant Talila Pick, The Skinny


Raw Green Rust 22/10/2019 Creative Informatics Lab, Old Tolbooth Market ()
Edimpro 9/1/2017 Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh (Concert)
Grey Area 8/4/2016 Sharmanka Gallery, Glasgow (Concert)
Edimpro 10/11/2015 Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh (Concert)
Grey Area and Alex McLean perform music by Hugh Davies, 17/10/2015 Sounds Heard, Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds (Concert) [ Doc 1 Doc 2 ]
Edimpro 6/2/2015 Edinburgh (Concert)
Grey Area Performs 23/05/2015 Sounds Heard, Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds (Concert) [ Doc 1 ]
mo-seph+Harlequinade: AZIFAZIFAZIF 16/08/2014 Fringe, Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh (Concert)
Edimpro + Evan Parker 30/06/2014 LRA, Edinburgh (Concert)
Edimpro + Michael Doneda 27/11/2014 Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (Concert)
Phil Minton & Simon Fell with Edimpro 14/02/2014 Dialogues Festival, Inspace, Edinburgh (Concert)
mo-seph+Harlequinade: AZIFAZIFAZIF 13/12/2013 Anatomy, Edinburgh (Concert) [ Doc 1 ]
Edimpro + Marilyn Crispell + Raymond McDonald 12/3/2013 Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh (Concert)
mo-seph 6/7/2013 Eden Festival, Dumfries (Concert)
Edimpro 29/06/2013 Glasgow Jazz Festival (Concert)
Edimpro + Superimpose 30/03/2013 Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh (Concert)
TR-I/O-FON 5/12/2012 Dialogues, Bongo Club, Edinburgh (Concert)
mo-seph + Josie Davis 13/09/2009 Indie Pub, Skopje Bienalle (Concert)
LLEAP 21/05/2009 Bongo Club, Edinburgh (Concert) [ Doc 1 ]
TR-I/O-FON 13/05/2009 Grind Sight Open Eye, Edinburgh (Concert) [ Doc 1 ]
TR-I/O-FON 15/11/2008 Dialogues, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh (Concert)
Kresch 17/02/2007 Dialogues, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh (Concert)