• Yuxi Liu (through DCODE, with Elisa Giaccardi and Johann Redstrom) is investigating the challenges of decentralized interaction with data-driven systems, and the development of novel design principles for multi-intentional interaction.
  • Mireia Yurrita Semperena (through DCODE, with Alessandro Bozzon) is developing novel methods and tools for shaping, testing and evolving machine behaviour, in particular around how to design for the human values they encode.
  • Liquan Chai (with Maria Wolters) is using conversational agents to support people engaging with medical help in a foreign language (and country).


  • Zezhong Wang (led by Benjamin Bach) - Creating Data Comics for Data-Driven Storytelling. (Thesis link to come)
  • Joanna Taylor (led by Claudia Pagliari) - Use and implications of social media in the treatment and management of non-communicable diseases, particularly in relation to social media content analysis, text mining, adverse event reporting and public health interventions. Thesis